Health Of The American Population And Our Health Care System Essay

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Based on some key measures that reports have used to assess the quality of health care, the United States has taken considerable, yet limited steps towards progress. The United Health Foundation’s 2015 America’s Health Rankings® Annual Report offers a comprehensive look into the health of the American population and our health care system. The 2015 Annual Report specifies, “Cigarette use continues to fall, immunization rates continue to rise, and there are long-term positive trends in reducing cardiovascular-related and infant deaths” (United Health Foundation). While these are tremendous improvements, public health officials across the nation have used the Annual Report to raise awareness about crucial issues. A notable matter in question is the quality of health in the United States: it faces many challenges, one of which is the worrisome increases in the rate of chronic disease. Often, the root causes of chronic disease are underutilization of basic preventive care, overuse of antibiotics, and cost implications in our health care system; all indicate the need for reform. When we compare health quality in the U.S. with other developed countries, it ranks as last, or nearly last, on almost all indicators of mortality, survival, and life expectancy (United Health Foundation, 2015). The poor rankings that we have are due in large part to underutilized preventive health services. If these services are more enforced, they could help avoid or delay the onset of disease,
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