Health Of The Organ Systems And Determine Areas For Improvement Essay

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Phase One Objectives Assessment of the health of the organ systems and determine areas to improve function Before entering into a detoxification protocol, it’s important for each of the organ systems to be assessed to determine how well they are functioning and if they are prepared to endure a detoxification protocol. It may be necessary to focus on strengthening specific areas before introducing detoxification strategies. Identify dietary direction and determine areas for improvement During phase one, the client will provide detailed information on their current dietary patterns provided through a 5 day Food & Activity form. This will provide data to begin to determine what dietary habits in need of transition. Identify areas of toxic exposure in clients day-to-day life Many do know realize the toxic exposure they encounter on a day-to-day basis. By having the client having the client review ingredients in household products and cosmetics, they will be giving the opportunity to make healthier choice in daily products. Education material for the client The client will be provided with educational materials and resources to gain knowledge of the importance of dietary changes and toxic exposure. During this phase, the client will be able to assess their habits. The will also have the ability to reach out and ask questions to facilitate their change during phase one. Gathering Relevant Client Health Information Health Appraisal Questionnaire: Assessment of
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