Health Of Women, Health, Sanitation, And Hygiene Of The Population

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The country that this author chose to research about is Haiti, which has some major health concerns that are present in the country. Haiti is currently working on improving these health concerns. The topics that were chosen to examine Haiti’s health more in depth was women’s health, sanitation and hygiene, and nutrition. This paper will look further into the health of women in Haiti, as well as the sanitation and water supply and nutrition of the population. This paper will also address the steps that have been taken to help improve the health of women, nutrition, water, sanitation, and hygiene in Haiti. The population of Haiti as of 2015 is 10,711,000 (World Health Organization (WHO), 2017). Haiti experienced a 7.0 magnitude earthquake in…show more content…
The earthquake also affected the women that are residing in the community reproductive health. The conditions that the women are giving birth in are not always safe and adequate, especially after the earthquake. To help give the women what she needs during delivery an organization is distributing “reproductive health kits to assist [the women] and their families to deliver their babies in the absence of medical staff to support them” (Daniel, 2010, p. 102). There are many steps that are being taken in Haiti to help improve women’s health especially when it concerns reproductive health. By educating and improving the health of the women it will with any luck improve the health of the children in Haiti as well. By improving the women’s health it will help to decrease the cases of malnutrition in the children of Haiti as well.
Malnutrition is a serious health concern for people that are residing in Haiti, especially the children. Malnutrition has a serious effect on the body, “children [that] suffer from acute malnutrition are at a great risk for severe morbidity and mortality” (Roller, Gray, Previl, Forrest, 2014, p. 1094). There is no reason for these children to be suffering from malnutrition when there is such a simple solution to fix malnutrition. According to UNICEF the percent of children that are underweight and is considered moderate to severe is 11.4

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