Health Or Money, What Matters More?

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Health or Money, What Matters More?
In Apache Junction, AZ, more children are beginning to either not eat lunch at all or bring it from home. They do have a good reason for not wanting to eat the school lunches. Larger schools are capable of providing students with a healthy lunch that they will eat; nevertheless, smaller schools do not have the same luxuries. Lunches are often rotten or even less heathy then that of a burger from McDonalds. Good lunch programs are hard to come across and often expensive, but despite this there is a simple solution, just by the community of Apache Junction standing up and saying that all school lunches should come from one catering company that focusing on schools and is monitored by the government to ensure that all students will receive the nutrients they need.
In 1946 the National School Lunch Act was approved, and according to Gordon W. Gunderson, the author of National School Lunch Act, "The national school lunch bill provides basic, comprehensive legislation for aid, in general, to the States in the operation of school lunch programs as permanent and- integral parts of their school systems….” The problem with this is that, the act itself, even with all the amendments, is not clear enough and not every school follows it. This is not because they do not want to but because they are unable to. It is still used by many states and schools but for schools like Apache Trail High School, they have gone through three different programs in the

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