Health Organization Case Study: Unitedhealth Group Essay

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Health Organization Case Study: United Healthcare Many selections of healthcare plans are available for consumers to choose from to match their own personal needs, preferences and budget. The health care system is most often complex, inconsistent and costly. To maintain and improve the business, healthcare organizations are continuously innovative and evolving to meet the demands of consumers. The purpose of this paper is to discuss a case study of UnitedHealthcare Group, what they are about, their network and resource management, their view on nursing and how they satisfy their patients. About United Healthcare The largest for profit healthcare carrier in the United States (US) is UnitedHealth Group, the parent of UnitedHealthcare.…show more content…
The mission of UnitedHealthcare is to “make the health system work better for everyone,” help people improve their well-being and health outcomes so people can lead healthier lives. Their goal is make health care simple, more accessible and affordable for all individuals (UnitedHealthcare, 2010). Growth Network “UnitedHealthcare provides network-based health care benefits for a full spectrum of customers in the health benefits market” such as students and individuals; sole proprietorships to multi-site, large national employers; promotion of health benefits to Medicare retirees and beneficiaries; and provides Medicaid and community programs (UnitedHealthcare, 2010). UnitedHealth Group 2012 revenue was $11.3 billion. The company is continuously growing through various mergers and acquisitions within the US and Europe, increasing members and revenues (Keepournhspublic, n. d.). Resource Management The mission of UnitedHealthcare Group is to “help people live healthier lives” with access, quality and affordability. They are committed to continual improvement and the delivery of quality care by investing approximately $3 billion in business process improvements, research development, and technology within the past five years. In addition to reinvesting the revenues in innovative technologies, research and other improvements to better serves its consumers, UnitedHealthcare Group is also committed to social responsibility through employee involvement,
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