Health Partners Free Clinic Is An Agency That Can Help These Individuals

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People are living longer and the elderly population is gowing by leaps and bounds. In the years to come, this age group will face chronic illnesses. These individuals will need teaching on how to self-manage the sickness. Diabetes medications can cost a person up to $1,379 which is a lot of money for someone on a limited income. Twenty percent of people age 65 and older conveyed taking less prescriptions over the past couple of years (Bennett & Flaherty-Robb, 2013). Health Partners Free Clinic is an agency that can help these individuals. I shall discuss in further detail the benefits of this organization. Health Partners free clinic is located in Troy, Ohio; it is a non-profit agency that serves the citizens of Miami County. The mission of this facility is to increase the availability of medical care to people without insurance and those who do not have enough insurance coverage (Health Partners Free Clinic, 2015). The services offered will incur no cost to the patient. Age is not a factor at this institution, a medical professional provides care to the young and older population (Health Partners Free Clinic [HPFC], 2009). Individuals can access the mission statement and updates through the facility’s website and Facebook page. The purpose of this organization is to provide care to those in need that cannot afford it. The target audience is the uninsured and under insured individuals in the Miami County area. I feel the elderly fall into this
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