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This paper discusses the unsatisfactory professional conduct displayed by the Clinical Specialist nurse (CNS) in the provided case study. There are four main points of conduct that need to be discussed firstly the lack of an appropriate assessment of the patient’s condition being undertaken. Secondly the obvious lack of appropriate documentation that was recorded during and after the consultation. Thirdly the fact the medical officer (MO) was never informed nor did any requests be made for the doctor to examine the patient. Finally the illegal dispensing of an S11 prescription drug that being the Panadeine Forte the CNS gave to the client at the hospital and the packet she dispensed for him to take home. The nurse did not “practise in a …show more content…
When the client presented to her emergency department on the night in question the CNS undertook a rudimentary examine where she as stated in the case study she observed that the calf was dusky in colour (2012, p. 8)but she also admits she did no further examinations including but not limited to standard observations such as blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory observations, (2012, p. 13) neither did she obtain a past health history on anything other than the that of the femoral-popliteal bypass surgery and vascular surgeon visit three weeks earlier (2012, pp. 8-9).

The nurse made an assumption that the injury occurred at the beach and thereby treated it as a suspected musculoskeletal injury so did not complete an n accurate and detailed assessment of the injury. In doing so she was lapse in her duty as a health care professional and so acted unprofessionally toward her client in that she did not offer him an accurate unbiased examination. (2012, pp. 14-15)
In failure to document thoroughly and accurately the observations taken, any decisions to why a MO was not contacted or any discharge advice the nurse gave the client the CNS breached both conduct statements one and two of the code of profession conduct for nurses in Australia thus she acted in an unsatisfactory professional manner. (2013, p. 2). The reasoning behind her deficiency of documentation was that she was lacking in computer knowledge and had only two hours

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