Health Physchology Essay

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Unit 30 – Health Psychology Models of health related behaviour and contemporary issues in health psychology. In this assignment I will concentrate on two theories of behaviour; health belief model (HBM) and the Theory of Reasoned Action. I will also look at factors that affect our approach to health and illness; poverty and age. Finally I will look at two different specific health issues; addiction and eating disorders, I will also look at the similarities and the differences between eating disorders and addictions. P1. In this part of my assignment I will describe 2 different theories of behaviour change in relation to health. The Health Belief Model was originally founded by Rosenstock in 1966 and was later amended by…show more content…
This is the model that ageing is displayed most commonly through media and advertising, where older people are characterised as hard of hearing, bent over, using a walking stick and suffering from dementia and other mental health disorders. The alternative model to this is the ‘personal growth model’. This model provides the positive on ageing, or growing older; becoming wiser, seeing children grow up, grandchildren, great grandchildren, spare time for hobbies; sewing, kitting. When on a placement in a care home, the elderly were treated without respect, they were shouted at by the staff and poor manual handling was used when moving the elderly residents. This was just one care home out of hundreds, not all care homes are like this and the clients will be treated with respect and dignity. Some people stereotype people who are older. In the UK, 1in 20 people over 65 have been refused treatment by the NHS; with 1 in 10 people over 50 believe that this was because of their age. Poverty also influences our responses to health and illness. The level of income below that which people cannot afford a minimum, nutritionally adequate diet, suitable and secure housing, heating and hot water, and beds to sleep on. There are many major impacts of what poverty can do to health, are caused by the absence of; Safe water – if water is unsafe
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