Health Policy Analysis

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Once a policy has been formulated, it can either be implemented or modified. Most health services are controlled by policies which require that before implementing any policy, the policy must be examined carefully. If the policy does not meet the required criteria, it is modified until it helps in solving a given problem. Sometimes, it is important to change health policies to make sure they are accomplishing what they are supposed to. Makers of these policies, as discussed in the earlier sections of the paper, maybe legislators, federal or state agencies, public or private funders, or service delivery organizations themselves. The health policies in question are those that ensure that citizens receive the best healthcare possible, are cost-effective,…show more content…
When a policy is implemented, people can get used to it and forget to pay attention to it, and this can make it ineffective. New or changed policy has to be under scrutiny to ensure that it is effective, and also puts the needs of the community into account. Health policies affect the entire population and they are directly tied to the lives of citizens. For this reason, the process of formulating, implementing and modifying health policies should be done by professionals and individuals who will be directly affected by the…show more content…
IRS regulations disregard the statutory limitation and grant credits to potentially several million persons below the 100% statutory floor. The Treasury regulation effectively provides the largest tax credits to persons who don’t satisfy the statutory criteria for eligibility on May 23, 2012 (Turner, 2017).

On October 12, 2017, President Trump signed an executive order that might make major changes to the Affordable Care Act by expanding the use of so-called association health plans and short-term health insurance, which have fewer benefit requirements than the plans sold through the Obamacare exchanges. The executive order urge government agencies to make new rules that would allow more Americans to sign up for cheaper, less-regulated health
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