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Health care Policy Health policy refers to the decisions, plans, and actions that are undertaken with the purpose of achieving specific healthcare goals within a certain society (Lindsay, 2005). According to the world health organization, an explicit health policy is capable of achieving several things. It states a vision for the future, which helps to establish targets for medium and short term. A brief history of universal healthcare efforts in the US In the 1800, the German and British systems were developed by governments in power as a defense to counter expansion of the socialist and labor parties. These governments used insurance against the cost of sickness in order to turn benevolence to power. The government of United States took no actions to subsidize voluntary funds. The federal government left matters to the states and voluntary and private programs (Lindsay, 2005). In the progressive era, President Roosevelt Theodore supported health insurance because he believed a strong nation needs well people. In 1906, the American association of labor legislation led the campaign for health insurance. Rhode Island congressional representative introduced new proposal in 1958 in order to cover hospital costs for old people on social security. Community Health Nurse Community health nurses have adapt to providing care to the public including churches, health clinics, shelters, the homeless and schools. Community health nurses provide comprehensive care to patients within

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