Health Policy- Primary Health Care

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A better future: Primary Health Care Primary health care is a term used to describe a system where a patient’s health care needs are attended to by the most appropriately trained individual. This method of health care delivery has been called a “team based approach” (Health Canada, 2006). Instead of seeing the doctor for every health concern, other health professionals such as nurse practitioners, pharmacists, dieticians or physiotherapists may be called upon to take care of your concerns. In this paper I will discuss the issues in primary health care from the literature review/article Primary health care and the social determinants of health: essential and complementary approaches for reducing inequities in health (2010). I will once…show more content…
According to the Ramanow report, (2002) Canadian’s appear to support primary health care change (Romanow, 2002). While Canadian’s may not fully understand all the details of what primary health care means, recurrent themes in the consultations and opinion polls conducted by the Commission fully underline the importance they place on health promotion and prevention (Romanow, 2002). Polls also reveal Canadians hope for strong and accessible primary health care services, and their desire to have a long-lasting and extremely trusting relationship with any type of health care professional needed (Roamnow, 2002) Knowing this, the question the Romanow report (2002) suggests is not whether primary health care is the right approach to take, but rather removing the obstacles which lie in its way and actually making it happen. The obstacles Ramnow (2002) suggests are in the way of primary health care, is transforming the way health systems work today. This would involve breaking down many of the barriers that too often exist between health care providers. With primary health care as the central point of our health care system we can; replace unnecessary use of hospital, emergency, and costly medical treatments with comprehensive primary health care available to Canadians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Another obstacle suggested in
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