Health Portability And Accountability Act ( Hipaa )

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What is
Genetic Discrimination?

Genetic discrimination arises when people are treated different, or discriminated against, because they have a genetic mutation that causes –or increases the risk of- a heritable disorder.
Example: if people take part in a medical study, is it right for their results be used against them?

- Knowledge of the human genome, and an increase in the availability of genetic testing at lower cost has made genetic testing more popular.
- Results provided through genetic testing enables doctors to be more informed in terms of their patients; allows regular screening practices, or treatment planning at early stages.
(Genetics Home Reference, 2017).

Who has access to Medical Records:

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-Employers do not want to be liable for employees. Discrimination against people who are at risk for a certain disease is more profitable because it will potently save the company a substantial amount of money.
-both feel that they are the ones who are at a loss, and gain no benefit from the law.
(Council for Responsible Genetics, 2001).

Laws like GINA should be improved to allow citizens to have more privacy with their genetic information.
Universal Healthcare would completely eliminate all occurrences of genetic discrimination.
Insures companies and employers should not have access to our medical records.
- individuals should not be punished for something they cannot control.
- It can affect anyone; a study analyzed the DNA of 179 people, estimating that ranged from just a handful up to 100 or more serious disease- associated mutations (Xue et al., 2012).
- Insures and employers should not have access to medical records because it encourages discrimination based on genetics.

Genetic Testing:

Linkage Testing
Linkage testing is a type of indirect DNA testing used to narrow in on the location of a disease-causing gene within a family. It is typically used when the gene for a condition is undiscovered or when a family is thought to have a rare or unique mutation. Linkage can be used for diagnostic, carrier, and prenatal testing. (Genetics and Social Science, 2017).
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