Health Problem Of Public Health Care

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Health problems in the developing countries like India take on enormous proportions because of lack health education and preventive medicine. Growing up in India surrounded by poor sanitation, lack of hygiene and clean drinking water and scarcity of primary health services, I began to realize the necessity of public health care. Furthermore it saddens to think that in South Asia there is much superstition and age old practices that resist the spread of modern medicine. It perplexes me that even as we live in information age, there is a huge gap in the knowledge and understanding of basic health preventive measures in the rural areas of developing countries in Africa and Asia. I am concerned about health literacy, and also aspire to serve the society in a bigger way in India where the needs of public health is immense and daunting.
From a young age, I had a great respect for the contribution of health care professionals and they serve as a role model for me. As I started working as a physical therapist, I felt special satisfaction in helping people improve the quality of their health. My own perspective about the pressing issue in public health is the lack of preventive medicine and health literacy. I have unique ability to explain the difficult language of medical conditions in a simple and lucid manner so that an average person can easily understand. As a therapist, I realized that the most of my patient were unaware of their condition, and providing them with basic

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