Health Problems Associated with Computer Use

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BTEC 150
February 23, 2012
The health problems associated with daily computer use.
This paper represents a general summary of some of the health issues associated with computer use. The number of computers users is growing rapidly. Growing as rapidly are the health problems associated with computer use. Dry and irritated eyes, visual fatigue, and back pain, are among the symptoms most frequently related to computer use. Adolescents are also experiencing problems related to computer use, such as emotional and psychiatric symptoms. Most problems related to computer use are preventable. There are several precautions that can be taken by computer users to avoid problems.
Computer users often report complaints of eye dryness, fatigue and
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Today in the twenty first century Internet plays a large role in how society interacts with each other. New technology has made the Internet available just about anywhere people can be found. Even in classrooms and work and school the Internet is found everywhere. So naturally children’s exposure to new technology has risen. For as long as the Internet has become increasing part of society there have been many social experiments to study the effect this new tool has on people and especially children’s lives. It appears to be a growing problem among our adolescents and could become a whole new obstacle in growing up that hasn’t been there before in times before. Our whole society depends on how people interact with one another. Some people are naturally good with interacting while others need more practice. Especially for youth and adolescents it is crucial to build important social skills. Unfortunately with the rise in Internet use there was a decrease in family communication and reduced size of social circle. High school is a crucial part of adolescents’ creation of important social ties and social habits that they will go on to have as adults. It was found that those teenagers that were overusing and addicted to their internet use had increased dependency on internet social networks, an increased level of neuroticism, lower levels of extraversion,
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