Health Problems after NFL Retirement

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I) STATS ON FOOTBALL CONCUSSIONS PROVE THE POSSIBILITY OF HEALTH PROBLEMS AFTER NFL RETIREMENT Head trauma can lead to brain disorders and mental health issues. 1 in 3 former NFL players have had 5 or more concussions and 3 in 4 still suffer symptoms today. A study shows that NFL football players who have sustained 3 or more concussions are 5 times more likely to develop mild cognitive impairment- a condition connected to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. NFL football players who were surveyed who had sustained 3 or more concussions were 3 times more likely to develop clinical depression compared to other players who had not suffered concussions. 9 in 10 former NFL players reported suffering from concussions during their career, 6 in 10 players reported having 3 or more concussions, and 2 in 3 of the former players who had concussions said they continue to have symptoms from concussions. A survey on retired NFL players discovered that about 9 in 10 report daily pain and 91% of them connect all of their pains to football. Andre Waters is an example of what research proves. It shows that players who’ve sustained 3 or more concussions are at a threefold risk of depression. 21-22% of this group have experienced depression, compared to 6-7% of the group, who haven’t experienced concussions, who haven’t dealt with depression. “In the [2007] survey of 2,552 retired players, almost 61% in the sample indicated that they had [suffered] a concussion in their career. Of

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