Health Problems and Your Food Essay

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Human bodies are naturally created to break down simple foods. As a growing population we have had to create technology that keeps up with the demand for food. In generating this technology we have created food that our bodies are not fully capable of breaking down without having some sort of negative health effect. The food industry uses thousands of chemicals and additives to preserve our food and our bodies are fighting back.
Nitrates and nitrites are used in preserving meats and can cause numerous health problems that most of us are not aware of. Methemoglobinemia is a blood disorder where oxygen carrying molecules (hemoglobin) builds up and does not get the appropriate oxygen throughout your body. Methemoglobinemia can cause comas,
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Dose dependent secretion can lead to low blood sugar attacks. Other studies have shown that Acesulfame K can lead to tumors in many organs. When going for the low sugar foods or diet sodas to treat your body better keep this in mind.
What if you were told the cookie you are about to eat or the soda you are about to drink contains a chemical known to leave slow healing spores on the human skin. Would you still eat or drink what you have in your hand? Most citrus flavored soda and commercially baked goods contain a chemical called Bromine. Not only is Bromine used as an emulsifier in soda and dyes in baked goods it is used in insecticides, fire extinguishers, flame proofing agents, photographic compounds, sanitizers, natural gas and oil production. Bromine can damage your lungs, kidneys, liver and your thyroid gland. Damage to your thyroid gland can lead to a life of obesity which puts you at higher risk for more health problems such as high cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes. "The most important health effects that can be caused by bromine-containing organic contaminants are malfunctioning of the nervous system and disturbances in genetic materials" (“Bromine”). If your nervous system is attacked your body can go through many health issues such as incontinence, lack of feeling and could eventually lead to death.
We have agencies in place to monitor what is in our foods yet there are still cancer causing
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