Health Problems due to the production of Sriracha sauce

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Health Problems due to the production of Sriracha sauce Sriracha sauce was invented in late 1980s, by an immigrant from Vietnamese named David Tran. He started off with a small family company called Huy Fong Foods, a two building place. Due to the increasing demand of the product; in 2012, the production was moved to a 655,000 sq. ft. factory in Irwindale, Los Angeles. Initially, the plant was operating effectively, however in October 2013, the local residents complained about the powerful spicy odor that originates during the production. According to the Los Angeles times, they filed a lawsuit against the company, appealing that the odor was causing trouble in public. They demanded for the company to shut down or hold the production,…show more content…
They were not able to track the odor to the factory (Shyong, 2013). According to the Anita Gore, the health department spokeswoman, this hold will be necessary for making sure the treatment of exciting microorganisms in the product is done successfully. She further explained that a temporary hold on the product, at a certain pH level, will control the harmful microorganisms (NBC, 2013). If a large number of people would be affected by this issue, there would be more cases of chronic respiratory problems, such as asthma, which is already a huge concern in itself. Any respiratory problem, if untreated, can become fatal in no time. The Primary intervention keeps the patients from being exposed to the disease. These include, wearing a mask while being around the factory; staying indoors when the level of the irritants are high. The secondary intervention slows down and possibly stops the progress of disease. These include, visiting the doctor; reporting the signs and symptoms; moving to less polluted areas if possible. The tertiary intervention helps to manage the disease process. These include, visiting the doctor on regular basis; taking the medicines as prescribed (ATSDR, 2012). In January 2014, the attorney of Irwindale stated that they will add the breach-of-contract claim to their existing lawsuit. According to him, they did not abide by certain operating conditions, which included the not producing the

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