Health Professional And Patient Interaction

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Introduction The social interaction is the integral (imprescriptible,inalienable) part of everyday life of each individual, which is learned from the early childhood and is innate in its nature. It includes the social exchange of information and the abilities to communicate, make a decisions, and take responsibility for the own action. The routine work of healthcare professionals includes the information exchange on everyday basis. The excellent knowledge of primary disciplines necessary for the practice is crucial for the healthcare professional; however, one can encounter the difficulties without the deeper understanding of ethical principles of communication in the healthcare environment. The book “Health professional and patient…show more content…
This contiguity has shaped my view on the communication and opened the mind to new challenges for future interaction as a healthcare sciences student. The healthcare practitioners are facing the challenge to serve the multicultural society and, as we know, the biases are far ahead of the commonsense in these circumstances. Chapter three challenges the reader to analyze the personal biases and understand its effect on the professional conduct. The author brings attention to cultural sensitivity and respect of differences, emphasizing that there is no place for the discrimination regarding the race, religion, gender, ethnicity or socioeconomic status. The ability to be free of the biases and false judgemental reasoning meant to be the precious and valuable trait for the healthcare professional since the majority of people perceive the world through their own prism of values and beliefs. In order not to be accused in “ethnocentrism” the caregiver has to look at the situation from the different angle and respect the cultural features and decisions of the patient who “may hesitate to seek medical attention or follow the advise of someone so out of touch with his or her beliefs”(44, 50). In this circumstance, the patient will not resist the communication in generalized environment and the interaction may benefit with increase of therapeutic goodness. The authors particularly highlight that “the atmosphere in the healthcare must rest on fully
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