Health Program Evaluation: Northern Territory Emergency Response

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Introduction: This evaluation is based on the outcome of the Northern Territory Emergency Response (NTER) program which was aimed at examining whether specific measures had been effective and comprehensive and led to improved and sustainable outcomes in safety, health, education and employment of indigenous people in Australia(1). The evaluation of NTER was carried out by a group of experts from different fields. This assignment will focus on the interventions such as Child Health Check Initiative (CHCI) which was introduced to improve the general health status of the children in the Northern Territory. This was also a component of NTER. Key evaluation questions will be considered for this intervention as they help to determine the design,…show more content…
d) How many specialists in different fields of medicine will be required for the screening programs? Adequate and efficient human resource is key to the success of screening programs (3). Impact evaluation questions might focus on the intended program outcomes on child health and include: (a) What was the likely impact of the CHCI on the indigenous children? Did the program helped to reduced mortality and morbidity among the indigenous children? (b) Was the program responsive and culturally acceptable within the indigenous communities? How did the guardians of the children responded to the initiative? Was it compulsory or voluntary in terms of participation? (c) Did the CHCI reached the intended population? How many children get checked and received treatment? How many children refused to come for checkup? (d) How were the follow-up programs coordinated? What was the impact of the follow-up services? Was there any policy reform due to the implementation of the program? ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS Virginia, M. (2008) described ethics as principles for morality with intention to prevent harm, promote wellness, respect, justice and fairness (4). Evaluation of projects in communities especially with people considered to be vulnerable have to consider the need to protect the participants from any perceived harm. Wright, M. et al (2007) reported on the seriousness of respecting Aboriginal people in any interventions that concern them (5). A School Nutrition

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