Health Promotion And Its Implication On Occupational Therapy Practice

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Studies indicated that occupational therapists have a remarkable opportunity to be involved in health promotion (Gronski et al., 2013, Metzler, Hartmann & Lowenthal, 2012; Frenchman, 2014). They can make a distinct contribution by recognising and addressing the impact of habits and routines on managing chronic conditions and developing healthy lifestyles (Roberts, Farmer, Lamb, Muir & Siebert, 2014). The aim and scope of this essay are to define health promotion and explore its implication on occupational therapy practice.

Health promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve their health and wellbeing (Maggie & Scaffa, 2013). It has three key strategies including advocate, enable, and mediate (Tucker, Vanderloo, Irwin, Mandich & Bossers, 2014). Health promotion is through these three strategies that aim to achieve the five actions of the Ottawa Charter which include build healthy public policy; create supportive environments; strength community action; develop personal skills; and reorient health services (Tucker, Vanderloo, Irwin, Mandich & Bossers, 2014). In addition, the values of the health promotion include empowerment; equity and social justice; health as a human right; health as a holistic concept; and respect for cultural diversity (Tucker, Vanderloo, Irwin, Mandich & Bossers, 2014). There are a wide ranges of specific interventions, such as back education program for school children to improve back posture,
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