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Health promotion and teaching are important tools for nursing. By promoting health and health teaching, nurses can help lay the foundation for a healthier future.

Major Concepts and Definitions
Belief–a statement of sense, declared or implied, that is intellectually and/or emotionally accepted as true by a person or group.
Attitude–a relatively constant feeling, predisposition, or a set of beliefs that is directed toward an object, a person, or a situation.
Value–a preference that is shared and transmitted within a community.
Behavioral diagnosis–the delineation of the specific health actions that are most likely to effect a health outcome.
Health Belief Model–a paradigm used to predict and explain health behavior
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The goal of nursing is to educate man to help reduce the susceptibility or severity of any illness or disease resulting from interaction from the environment. This encompasses disease prevention and aiding in restoration of health. It is the nurse's responsibility to assist each client to perceive themselves at their optimal level of functioning. Since behavior is regulated by its consequences (but only as those consequences are interpreted and understood by man) (Edleman & Mandle, 1998), it is nursing's practice to assist man by working with beliefs, attitudes, values and environment to help achieve positive outcomes and efficacy expectation. Nursing is also responsible to assist man to realize outcome expectations. Health Health is man perceiving oneself at his or her optimal level of functioning. Health can be achieved even in a diseased state by assisting clients to achieve the highest perceived state of health as possible. Health is a direct result of environmental factors and health teaching and promotion. It is important to incorporate the teaching process and recognize the different domains of learning in order to achieve the most effective, positive behavioral changes. Since man is in constant interaction with his environment, and each client has different beliefs, cultures and values, health promotion and teaching are important for man to achieve his or her optimal level of functioning. This is

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