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Levels of Health Promotion Health promotion is essential in keeping society and individuals healthy. Health promotion empowers communities and individuals for healthy living through education. The primary goal of health promotion is prevention. Nurses are key in health promotion and will be seen in diverse settings as health promotion evolves the nursing profession. There are three levels to health promotion that are utilized to optimize health. Definition of Health Promotion The World Organization (WHO) defines health promotion as “the process of enabling people to increase control over the health and its detriments, and thereby improve their health”. Health promotion is an efficient way to preserve health and wellness. Health…show more content…
The focus of the primary level is to have the client avoid or reduce high risk behaviors. The article by Prokhorov et al. (2010) demonstrates primary promotion. The team utilized an interactive computer program to reach high school students for smoking prevention. Cigarette smoking is the foremost avert reason for morbidity, mortality as well as decrease in life expectancy. Secondary Prevention Secondary promotion relates to early diagnosis. The client is partaking in risky behavior and the goal is to have early screening to reduce or halt the progression of the disease. Chou, Cottrell, Wasson, Raham, Guise, (2013) demonstrate secondary promotion as they reviewed the screening process for hepatitis C virus. Early identification could lead to improved clinical outcomes and reduce the possibility of transmission. Tertiary Promotion Tertiary promotion focuses on helping the client manage the disease, avoid further physical deterioration and to have the best quality of life possible. Lo Re, Teal, Localio, Amorosa, Kaplan, Gross, (2011) examine adherence to treatment for hepatitis C virus and virolgic outcomes. When clients adhere to the treatment for hepatitis the clients have a better chance of stopping the progression of disease. Treatment for hepatitis C virus can be complex and suboptimal adherence can reduce the response of the treatment. Health promotion is key to prevention and progression of diseases and

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