Health Promotion For Smoking Within Adult Population

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Health Promotion for Smoking within Adult Population
Ashley Davis
Chamberlain College of Nursing
Miramar FL

Tobacco has been around for many years. Tobacco was usually harvested and used by the Native Americans for religious and medical purposes. It wasn’t until settlers from the countries across the globe came and found it to be their main source of money if it was crop grown. They would chew it or put it into a pipe:
By the late 19th century, cigarette making machines were invented and the use of cigarettes became more popular. Cigarette production was going up by the billions by the 20th century and in 1964 the Surgeon General of the U.S wrote a report about how dangerous smoking would potentially be. ("History of
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Due to smoke use, there are hundreds of thousands of Americans that die due to tobacco- related illnesses, like cancer and heart disease, each year. Cigarettes carries a heavy burden on the U.S. economy and medical care system. This is the reason why tobacco is the nations deadliest and costly social health challenge. In nursing we have to educate adults on the dangers of smoking. We already have wide access to patients that are in different settings. Nurses have many simple ways to encourage the adult client to seek help:
But how detrimental has cigarette smoking gone? With respect to health risk, the review concluded that no level of consumption could be considered “safe,” and thus used to demarcate a risk threshold. Also, non-daily and light daily smoking behaviors consistent with current cigarette smoking but lifetime smoking below 100 cigarettes have been found to extremely vary across ethnic/minority subpopulations. (Ryan, Trosclair, & Gfroerer, 2012)
There are adults who are frequent daily smokers and adults who practice infrequent smoking. Those adults who have practiced infrequent smoking has shown that it can remain a stable pattern that lasts a long period of time, but that it also poses substantial health risk with adverse outcomes paralleling dangers observed among daily smoking. “Cigarette smoking still causes about three in ten cancer deaths among American adult. A total of 568,191 American
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