Health Promotion In The Workplace Essay

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Corporations have engaged in the practice of health care promotion in the workplace in order to reduce the rising health cost today. Employees are offered to implement more healthy behaviors to prevent any rising chronic disease. They are accessed on a voluntary basis through health care laboratory vendors which are directly hired to perform a health-risk assessments screening. Large corporations have implemented biometric screenings as a measurement of physical characteristics such as height, weight, body mass index, blood pressure, blood cholesterol, blood glucose, and aerobic fitness tests that can be taken and used as part of a preventative care program for the workplace. The health assessment is taken to benchmark and evaluate changes…show more content…
Financial incentives to employees are also main drivers when motivating employees to complete the above. Health Savings Account (HAS), Health Reimbursement, and premiums reduction have also become one of the most popular reward for completing the health assessment and biometric screening. There are three requirements for wellness programs that link a reward in with meeting a specific health standard are:
(1) The total reward for all the plan’s wellness programs that require meeting a particular health standard must not exceed a certain percentage varying between 20-30% of the cost of employee coverage under the plan, or the cost of family coverage if dependents also are eligible for the wellness program.
(2) The program must be reasonably aimed to endorse health or preventative disease. For this purpose, it must have the following: a reasonable chance of improving health or preventing uprising disease, not be troublesome, not be a deceiving for discriminating based on a health factor, and not be highly suspect in method.
(3) The reward must be available to all equally situated individuals. For this purpose, a waiver of the original standard must be made available to individuals for whom it is unreasonably difficult
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