Health Promotion Literature Review

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This paper is a health promotion literature review, which will discuss the topic of nutrition and weight status. The objective and Healthy People 2020 goal is “NWS-11: Prevent inappropriate weight gain in youth and adults”; specifically, “NWS-11.3 (Developmental) Prevent inappropriate weight gain in adolescents aged 12-19 years” ("Nutrition and Weight Status," 2016). Three articles concerned with adolescent obesity will be examined, summarized, and compared by this author. The first article by Williams and Mummery evaluates factors of adolescent obesity, nutrition behaviors, level of physical activity, and parent nutrition behaviors in order to discover interventions needed to prevent adolescent obesity. A study was completed with a random group of adolescents, whose parents consented, to be part of the examination. Data by the adolescent and parent were collected over…show more content…
This article examines the positive impact and growth of knowledge concerning childhood obesity prevention when parents are involved throughout the process. “Engaging parents throughout the research process may serve to open communication, break down hierarchical relationships and build trust” (Jurkowski et al., 2013, p. 2). Parents from a local Head Start program joined with volunteers and agency representatives at regular meetings to develop a plan for childhood obesity awareness. Through regular attendance at meetings, parents demonstrated knowledge regarding the growing problem and prevention of childhood obesity (Jurkowski et al. 2013). “To advance the field and improve child health, it is essential to work with parents in the research process” (Jurkowski et al., 2013, p. 9). This article proves how significant the involvement of parents can be regarding the priority to end childhood
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