Health Promotion Model Of Nursing

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Health Promotion Model Amy D. Kramer Point Loma Nazarene University Introduction Nursing theory is important to the profession of nursing as it provides guidance to practice and helps to broaden nursing knowledge. Although nursing theory can be traced back to Florence Nightingale’s pioneer work during and after the Crimean War, it was not until the twentieth century that theory development in the nursing profession became a major part of discussion and implementation (Alligood, 2010). Because the nursing profession is complex and there are multiple practice settings, nursing theory is not a one size fits all. As stated by Alligood (2010), “ Nursing theoretical works represent the most comprehensive presentation of systematic nursing knowledge; therefore, nursing theoretical works are vital to the future of both the discipline and the profession of nursing” (p.6). There are a multitude of theorists and theoretical works that have guided nursing practice the last six decades. Theoretical models and frameworks include but are not limited to: philosophies, conceptual models, grand theories, and middle-range theories (Polit & Beck, 2012). The conceptual model that is discussed in this paper is Pender’s Health Promotion Model. A conceptual model is similar to a theory in that it deals with abstract concepts grouped together by their relevance, but less formal than a theoretical model (Polit & Beck, 2012; Masters, 2012). Conceptual models, as pertains to
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