Health Promotion

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Health Promotion
Sandra Hendrickson
Grand Canyon University
Professional Dynamics
NRS 429V
Nichelle Bogan
October 11, 2009

Competencies of ASN Versus BSN
Health Promotion is defined in the in the American Journal of Health Promotion (AJHP) as the art and science that helps people discover their core passions and optimal health. Supporting them in their lifestyle changes that move them toward a state of optimal health. The optimal health being the balance of physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual health.
(AJHP Sept/Oct 2009)

Purpose: The purpose of health promotion in nursing is increase the knowledge of not

only our patients but of the general
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When breast cancer is detected and early treatment is impletemented, the survival rate greatly increases. Tertiary Tertiary care is the care of the patient once the disease is established. In the Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) there is the standard of treatments such as Lasix, Morphine, and Digoxin. Closely monitoring intake and output and daily weights for effectiveness of treatment. The Pacing & Clinical Electrophysiology article “Development of Implantable Devices for Continuous Ambulatory Monitoring of Central Hemodynamic Values in Heart Failure Patients.” Long-term management of the CHF patient is an increasing burden on hospitals. The suggestion was made that an implantable hemodynamic sensors may allow for hemodynamic changes in CHF patients and be used in the deciding in the best treatment modalities. There are risk factors associated, such as infection and cost. The results were inclusive and will be studied more. Don’t be surprised to see more on the Implantable Hemodynamic Monitoring (IHM) Device in the future for a more focused assessment of the CHF patient.
In a world, where we have gone from the focus of prevention of disease and infections, to a world where the focus is on health promotion. We have come such a long way, but we still have a long way to go. There is so much cultural diversity, that it is hard to meet all the needs. Thank goodness for the laws that are made to

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