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Health Promotion Health promotion is defined as the provision of information and/or education to individuals, families and communities that encourage family unity, community commitment, and traditional spiritually that makes positive contributions to their health status (Definition of wellness.Com). It is our job as providers to promote health by any means necessary to improve community wellness. The purpose of health promotion in nursing practice is to deliver health information to individuals and the community. The goal is to enlighten the community of all available services to prevent illness. Many people, families, and/or the community are not aware of all the benefits/information available to them. Health promotion helps…show more content…
Health promotion consists of three levels, primary, secondary and tertiary. Although all are levels of health promotion they differ depending on the extent of illness. The first level is the primary level. This level involves people who are still healthy. At this level the susceptibility of contacting disease is reduced through nutritional encouragement, hydration, exercise, and immunizations. Primary level is designed to keep the healthy free from disease. The next level is the secondary level, where the healthy are not so healthy and requires a little more aggressive measures. This level includes people from early stages of disease to seriously ill. People at this level may need medication intervention and even minor surgical interventions to return to or maintain a healthy state. This level may require the nurse to provide a more aggressive approach with education and health promotion. The last level is the tertiary. When a person reaches this level they are considered critical. There is a major cause of concern due to the person’s poor health. Whether their illness is chronic or transmissible the concern remains the same. These people may have a lack of education of their disease. The infected person needs to know if their disease is contagious and what are the steps needed to prevent transmission of the disease. If the illness is chronic the person needs education on maintaining a quality of life with this chronic illness. The goals

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