Health Promotion Research Paper

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The significance of health promotion to change public health behaviors cannot be ignored. Health promotion has been very crucial towards helping people consider their health behaviors in recent years and as a result, many people are more mindful of their health behaviors and lifestyle choices. Globally, majority of people are now conscious of their health and social wellbeing which are determined by several factors outside the health system. They include socioeconomic conditions, patterns of consumption associated with food and communication, demographic patterns, learning environments, family patterns, the social and cultural fabric of societies. Health promotion is more relevant today than it has ever been in addressing public health problems. …show more content…

Some of the factors are globalization of trade, urbanization, ease of global travel, advanced technologies have boosted development around the world. High prevalence of tobacco use along with increase in unhealthy dietary prices and decrease in physical exercise contributes to increase in biological risks which in turn leads to emergence of non-communicable diseases. The existence of these non-communicable diseases has given rise to a cause for prevention programs to be implemented so that positive health behaviors can be encouraged. These programs are established to protect people from prevalent diseases and those ones that are currently in occurrence. People that have been infected with diseases can also find solace in these …show more content…

There were fourteen communities, served by four CIS regional offices which were predominantly black and randomly assigned to experimental and control groups. Six radio advertisements targeting African American smokers to call the CIS for help to quit smoking were developed and pretested for three different black oriented formats. One television spot was also produced and pretested. The audio portion of the television ad was used as a seventh radio spot for the general programming formats. These advertisements were placed on selected radio and television stations reaching predominantly African American adult audiences. Also copies of a video tape designed to motivate African Americans to quit smoking and call CIS for help in quitting were widely dispersed through community based organizations in each experimental group. The aim was to increase the number and proportions of calls that relate to quitting among African American smokers within experimental communities. The project was implemented in a community-based setting as the target audience were African American smokers. The campaign focused on reducing smoking habits

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