Health Promotion : Targets And Evidence

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STEPHEN LWERANGO: M00459732 PHC3610:- Health Promotion: Targets and Evidence. Formative Assignment. A Health Promotion Initiative: Chosen Case Study: School Initiative to Prevent risk Factors for Poor Oral Health Abstract The normal oral health education we get from home is neither effective nor proving to be making a much more needed result. Very often oral health initiatives are implemented as stand alone and as such miss out the benefits from other health programmes. As a consequence best intended actions are wasted and/or duplicated and at worst the wrong signals set out for public consumption. Oral health programmes should be a multifaceted approach rather than aiming at individual changes in practices and behaviour but should indeed take on board the broader aspects of determinants of health. The socioeconomic factors greatly influence general health as we know. Taking a leaf from established the principles of promoting health; this essay will seek to focus on different perspectives of oral health promotion and policy. The approach this essay will take to address the oral health will be inline with the well known risk factors associated with chronic illnesses in the wider sphere of the social environment .There are several determinants of oral health ranging from smoking, hygiene, use of alcohol, poor diet and trauma including stress. Since these aggravating

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