Essay about Health Promotion in American Indian and Native Alaskan

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Health Promotion Among Diverse Populations

Healthcare is an ever changing entity with an ever changing population of clients. In current day 2016, the United Sates has become a melting pot of many different cultural backgrounds, which has led to changes within the system to accommodate the patient base. Unfortunately, not all changes have been able to effectively reach any and all persons from every background. We still see language and cultural barriers that have direct correlation to the inability to seek healthcare and or the ability to change cultural perspectives to ensure healthy lifestyles. Within this paper, the health of American Indian and Alaskan Native populations will be discussed along with the barriers to care and the
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So yes, incidences are ranked higher than the average, but the population is much smaller than other races. It is also documented that incidences of smoking and alcoholism is more prevalent within the AI/AN community, which can most definitely lead to cancer and heart disease along with motor vehicle accidents caused my alcohol consumption. In 2011 AI/AN adults were amongst the highest prevalence, frequency and intensity of binge drinking, compared to all other ethnicities (CDC, 2016). According to, in 2014, both female and male AI/AN populations smoke more than any other racial/ethnic groups, females leading with 32.5% and males at 25.6% (Tobacco, 2016).
Health promotion can be looked out differently within each ethnic group and can most definitely influence how one manages his/her own health. Within the AI/AN population, a lot of home remedies passed down from generation to generation exist, so seeking out traditional medicine isn’t really a main source of healing. The American Indian/Alaska Native resident may have a holistic view in which people community, nature and spirituality are interconnected and interrelated. This perspective views physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health in unity, instead of indiscrete categories. Sickness may be viewed as a result of disharmony between the

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