Health Promotion in Nursing Practice Essay

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HEALTH PROMOTION IN NURSING PRACTICE Nursing Role and Responsibilities In health Promotion 7 January 2012 Nursing Roles and Responsibilities in Health Promotion Health promotion has become priority issues and future directions for health professions from a world perspective. By focusing on individuals, families, communities, and the environments in which people live, work, and play the health care professionals today are vital links for promoting national and international health. Nurses today are required to have sufficient vision and expertise to provide the health of their clients. With leadership, creativity, and determination, the nurse can establish a healthier future for all people around the globe. According to…show more content…
Though public education is the vital part of health promotion, there are deferent methods and aspect that nurses can implement in the community. Nurses today involves in passing state laws affecting health and policy change at their place of employment. Nurses also support the changes for healthier selection and assess client’s preventive healthcare behavior. Nurses are responsible for evaluating client’s immediate environment for factors that would adversely affect the health, thus developing a healthy atmosphere.Amoung health care professionals nurses take major part in all health activities that are not limited to health education ,screening, prevention and promotion of wellbeing. The methods used, or levels of health promotion are classified into primary, secondary, and tertiary health promotion. Each levels of health promotion attempts to stop the disease from affecting, detecting the disease early to avoid progression or symptoms, or limit the impact of disease that is already diagnosed. According to Encyclopedia of Public Health, the primary health promotion mainly aimed at disease prevention to completely avoid the suffering, cost and burden of sickness before the onset of illness. Some of the example of the primary level of health promotion and prevention are health education, immunizations, and physical fitness programs at schools. In the book of
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