Health Promotional Activity: Whole Body Wellness

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The modern nurse must realize that there position is one of continual multiple horizontal priorities, and act accordingly. As managers, regardless of the subfield, we will be expected not only to understand the organization's budgetary concerns, but to actively manage them as well (Lumby and Picone, 2000). By the very definition of nursing, however, the contemporary nurse must be one of the focal points towards overall healthcare and maintenance for the community. Much like regular maintenance on a vehicle, if nurses can lead a health promotion activity that promotes wellness, over time there is a far greater chance of diminishing high healthcare and emergency room costs. By educating the population about risk management and proper care, then, health goals are more likely to be met.
Overview - Our fictional city is Gotham, NY. The basic demographic data on are summarized below (U.S. Census Data, 2007; Source: NYC City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene):
Average Issue
18% smoke, most are not motivated to quit
Gyneco-logical Care
Far less likely to get regular testing
2nd highest population of uninsured adults in all NYC
Death Rates
Dropped over last 10 years and

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