Health Records And Changing Health Care Delivery Systems

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In the Health Information Services, rapid changes have swept the industry through electronic health records and changing health care delivery systems. Due to these changes, such employees have seen their jobs change drastically and this has become a major issue for the industry. Redesigning jobs can be effective or counter-productive. If they overload and stress people then they can see productivity plummet. However, if people become to specialized with monotonous duties, they can also see productivity plummet. In this analysis by Elizabeth Layman, she looks at all the potential factors and outputs and leaves with an approach to forming new roles that may effectively help the business address these concerns. Layman provides us a thorough breakdown of problems and solutions with possible results. This thorough exploration of the process is a key to making attainable and realistic goals that will be challenging and effective. However, she falls short of making full SMART goals because she doesn’t implement a timeline. We are left to assume that companies in the industry will need to make their own timelines to make a finely tuned SMART goal. However, her goal to redesign the jobs effectively covers specific tasks in her DESIGN step-by-step approach, such as detecting and monitoring data that may indicate change. This lends itself to the measurability of her goals. Her step-by-step approach is driven by data and reflection on measurable numbers. The goals are certainly
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