Health Related Components

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Being Physically Fit Being physically fit is an important aspect of obtaining prime health. Becoming educated about what it means to be physically fit may greatly increase your ability to improve your health and wellness. Factors of physical fitness are important for complete fitness of the body and mind. All these fitness components have a specific purpose and part in being physically fit and healthy. Physical fitness and wellness is far more reasonable than generally perceived. It helps individuals to look, feel and do their best. Obtaining and sustaining physical fitness is a result of many things but a few are physical activity, proper diet, along with proper rest for physical recovery. If you really want to measure the overall…show more content…
The list of benefits can go on and on. The most important part of the health benefits of getting into a good cardiovascular state is numerous. The relative percentage of body fat compared to lean body mass such as muscle, bone, water, etc. is known as body composition. If you are wanting to be able to run faster, bike longer, or get some muscle tone you need to understand body composition. Learning about your body composition is crucial to your ideal performance and look because it can help you manage your plans of exercise due to your need to lose fat, build muscle, or both. Flexibility is the range of movement possible at various joints. Flexibility has its benefits, as well. A few of those benefits are that it allows for greater freedom of movement, which will improve your posture. It increases physical and mental relaxation. It releases muscle tension and soreness, as well; it reduces the risk for injury. Flexibility is a very important health component to have. Not only if you are an athlete but also for everyday life. The amount of force that can be produced by a single contraction of a muscle is muscular strength. Muscular endurance is the ability of a muscle group to continue muscle movement over a length of time. Lifting weights generally three rounds ten to twelve times with one to five minute breaks in-between develops muscular strength. You should also never repeat strength training on a specific muscle within
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