Health Risks In Older Adults

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An older adult tends to be from the age of 65+. The older adult with Down syndrome as can everyone else may experience health difficulties. They age earlier so may experience health difficulties earlier than a typically developing adult. Physically it is important that the older adult maintains a healthy diet as well as doing some form of exercise such as going walking if they still have independent mobility. The older adult is more prone to develop osteoporosis and therefore it is very important that they attend regular health checks with their GP. Dementia is also a common health risk which affects the older person and if this occurs it also effects family and friends dealing with it. Older people tend to suffer from sensory impairment where there eyesight and hearing becomes less sufficient. Those who can help them with this need in the community is the optician and the ENT. Hearing loss can be due to wax build up which would require the older person to visit their GP or ENT. Also they may not have the mobility to make their own meals and so Meals on wheels would have to meet this need for them.…show more content…
The older person with Down syndrome has similar needs of those of the typical developing older adult. They tend to be lonely and may require supported living. They seem isolated from the world and may not receive regular contact with their family, co-workers or friends as they used because of loss of mobility. The older adult with Down syndrome commonly suffers from Alzheimer’s which can lead to stress on the family. Also the older adult with Down syndrome does not deal with bereavement loss very well because of the close attachment and bond they establish with people. Some older people with Down syndrome may continue attending the community centre, lunch clubs, church groups or other volunteering that may get them out into the community to interact with
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