Health Risks Vs. Economics Of Tobacco Consumption

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Abstract The purpose of this paper is to provide researched information on the how consumers continue to risk their health through the consumption of cigarettes regardless of hazard warnings and how the government continues to implement increased taxation to economically affect those consumers. In today’s society, there are many more consumers that are becoming health conscious compared to consumers of decades before, but there are still those that are addicted to tobacco products making it more difficult to embrace their own health. In order to make the world smoke-free, the U.S. government is taking a stand on the economical side by increasing excise taxes hoping to encourage those with a tobacco addiction to become more money as well…show more content…
3). Since that time, many Americans have become addicted to the use of cigarettes and the unfortunate affect is that many Americans have suffered from a multitude of medical diagnoses due to tobacco intake. The government has been trying to make more of an impact on the necessity of becoming a smoke-free America. In order to continue to take action on the matter, the government has been hiking up excise taxes on products such as cigarettes in order to deter those consumers away from consumption of the product. The matter that will be discussed in this paper will be to what price are American consumers willing to pay in order to satisfy their addiction regardless of a hurting economy or the effects that it could have on their health? Since the initial onset of using tobacco products such as cigarettes, Americans have been infatuated with products that give them a sense of calm or relaxation during stressful situations. Many rely on the act of smoking cigarettes to get those outcomes. Unfortunately, regardless of health hazards to oneself and those around them, there is still a very popular and high demand for consumption of cigarettes. With the threat of more Americans becoming ill or even expired due to the consumption of tobacco, the government’s strategy is aimed at
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