Health Risks Vs. Economics Of Tobacco Consumption

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Abstract The purpose of this paper is to provide researched information on the how consumers continue to risk their health through the consumption of cigarettes regardless of hazard warnings and how the government continues to implement increased taxation to economically affect those consumers. In today’s society, there are many more consumers that are becoming health conscious compared to consumers of decades before, but there are still those that are addicted to tobacco products making it more difficult to embrace their own health. In order to make the world smoke-free, the U.S. government is taking a stand on the economical side by increasing excise taxes hoping to encourage those with a tobacco addiction to become more money as well as health conscious. Economic research will be provided on where the government stands in the economic fight amongst tobacco consumers in order to lead Americans into a healthier and more economically stable future. HEALTH RISKS VS. ECONOMICS OF TOBACCO CONSUMPTION 3 HEALTH RISKS VS. ECONOMICS OF TOBACCO CONSUMPTION In today’s society, more and more consumers are becoming health conscious while looking to get a better handle on their financial spending due to the effects of a struggling economy. However, there are still many that still have unhealthy habits with no concern of what they pay to engage in the habit such as cigarette smoking. The act of smoking tobacco in the form of cigarettes was first documented
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