Health, Safety, And Security

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Quiz four final health and safety
1. Distinguish among health, safety, and security.
When an employee hears the word" management" leadership comes to mind. Among other things occupational safety, health, and security is part of management 's duty. This is a strategic responsibility for an organization to encourage all employees to be safe and help improve performance. Health of the employee is directly related to the company 's well-being. Examples of employees health well-being is improved with lower anxiety, depression, and job stress. The employer 's goal is to decrease sick leave use by the employee. This negatively affects job performance and productivity. It also reduces disability pensions within the organization. Safety in the workplace is to eliminate risk hazards where the employee performs his or her job. Management focuses in a safe productive workplace to eliminate safety issues that prevents productivity. Security is focused in the organization. A safe work environment protects the employees from harm .
2. Thoroughly discuss the characteristics of companies that have effective safety management programs.
There are characteristics of an organization that have effective safety management program. They proactively help employees find and fix workplace hazards before they hurt the employee as required by Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) of 1970. This act was passed to ensure so far as possible every working man or woman in the nation is safe and healthy…
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