Health, Safety And Welfare Of Construction

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BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Construction
Unit 1 Health, Safety and Welfare in Construction
Assignment 1 – Health and Safety Responsibilities at Work

Student – Paul Fox
Teacher – Mr. McNabb Task 1.1 -

Task 1.2 –
Taking account of the CDM regulations, outline the roles and responsibilities of each of the persons involved in ensuring that all health, safety and welfare obligations are met on this construction project.
Client: Western Health and Social Care Trust- o To appoint a recognised and competent contractor. Western Health and Social Care Trust have appointed McLaughlin and Harvey. Western Health and Social Care Trust need to appoint a recognised contractors because if they appoint someone who is not a recognised contractor and something goes wrong with either the building or someone getting hurt then it would be the client getting the blame. o They must appoint the Planning Supervisor. The client must appoint a recognised and qualified planning supervisor to look after the building. If they do not and then something goes wrong then the Western Health and Social Care Trust will get be liable. o They must hand over any relevant Health & Safety information about the proposed site where the work is to be carried out. o The client must store the Health & Safety file when the project has been completed. o They must make sure that the Health & Safety plan has been produced before work begins. Western Health and Social Care Trust must make sure that they have produced…
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