Health, Safety, And Welfare

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Health, safety, and welfare is of paramount concern in all assessments as without this the learner is at an unfair disadvantage.
To counteract this I’m proactive at promoting and enforcing safeguarding procedures. I have a duty and responsibility to provide a service to my learners and staff that protects them from harm. The ‘Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006′ asks Assessors to protect those under 18 and all vulnerable adults (those in community care, with mental or other disability, age, or illness and who is unable to protect him or herself against significant harm or exploitation) e.g. Young mothers or anyone who needs help in society
Making sure my learners and staff feel safe is my duty of care as an training centre so I make sure to apply 6 elements of appropriate service provision in all my assessing; respect, dignity, independence, individuality, choice, and confidentiality.
The key process that I follow to ensure my learners are safe are to carry out a risk assessment of their needs in early diagnostic tests to determine how I can best support the learner and meet/ exceed their requirements.
Inclusion is essential so teamwork, activities to improve self-esteem, and tasks that apply equality and diversity so that ALL my learners feel valued.
Learners participating in the assessment process must be in an environment which will not disadvantage them in succeeding. An assessor has a duty of care to ensure there is no risk, therefore health safety and welfare of…
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