Health, Safety, Wellness, & Security Impact on Employees from the HR Perspective

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Health, Safety, Wellness, & Security impact on employees from the HR perspective.

Every organization wants to provide a good work environment to all employees to attract possible employees, ensure retention and guarantee employee satisfaction. This protection to employees is due to the fact that employees are the most valuable asset to any organization. Providing a safe and secure work place is the employer priority to ensure the employees health, safety security and wellness.
The terms health, safety and security are closely related to each other. Health is the general state of the well being. It not only includes physical well being, but also emotional and mental well being. Safety refers to the act of protecting the physical
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This can be accomplishing by establishing safety a safety management system. As part of the safety management system the HR management need to identify what are the safety needs for the organization, taking in consideration that the main priority is the employee well being.
Another area of the employee safety is to have procedures in place for time of crisis or natural disaster, every employee need to be aware of the policies and procedures require in any crisis situation. The HR manager is responsible of presenting and assisting the business when developing the safety system.
Employees need to feel safe in the work place to be productive. If an injury or death occur in the work place it can affect the rest of the employees in a personal level, and consequently the production will be affected will be affected. If the injure worker need time out of work to recuperate, the organization health plan will take place and assist the employee medical needs. While the rest of employees work performance will be affected due to the employee absence from work.
HR mangers work together with safety manager to establish for security programs on the organization. To ensure that the security programs cover the broad issues related to employees’ security, security audits are conducted. The audit covers building surrounding securities, disaster plans, guard capabilities, control access, etc.
Another area of

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