Essay about Health, Safety and Nutrition

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The reason I chose to do my project on a game that can hit all three areas safety, health, and nutrition, is because all three areas are important to children and their families. As a parent I can easily justify the role a teacher has on the lives of our children. It is usually a parent does not know anything and the teacher is always right. In the eye's of a child. Many times well most of the time what you teach a child it usually stays with them, and if it is presented in a fun way it is almost certain that to stay with them longer. More important children like to share their new information with their families, some of the information may be new. So not only are you teaching their children you are also teaching…show more content…
It took so many children to die to have car seats and seatbelts as a requirement, a safety issue Still if we look back and compare life now to life then. Yes, many more safety issues are now addressed,, but then again they need to be addressed, since life has changed so much. When I was growing up many mom's were stay at home mom's, and there wase no use to be riding around we would just stay home, where our parents could keep an eye on their children at all times. Why health? As we all know that in today's society we see many children as well as adults who are suffering with obesity. Also those who suffer with anorexic. Many families live in the world of fast food. That which comes with a price. Life once again has changed from my childhood where I ate a home cooked meal, everyday. That included breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Like most families did at that time and there was more physical play then what we see today. Most children today rely on television and games for fun. While physical activity gets put aside and children not burn off calories . Nutrition falls under the same category. It is hard to make a game that does not include a all three health, safety, and nutrition, they go hand in hand. With this game it gives every child a chance to win. I also took into consideration that every child learns different. Some are kinestic learners, some visual, and others audio. With this game it does not matter what
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