Health, Safety, and Security in Childcare Setting

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Legislations and policies are extremely important in childcare settings in order to protect both staff and children. Legislations are created by a governing body and are put in place to ensure that guidelines are followed in order to reinforce safety and security within a setting. Furthermore, policies are used to ensure that everyone is working to obey the law and to meet the standards that are stated in the legislations.
In 1974, the Health and Safety at Work Act, also referred to as HSWA, was put in place to make further terms for securing the health, safety and welfare of a person within a working environment, making it the prime piece of legislation to cover the occupational health and safety in Great Britain. Everybody within a workforce has the duty to obey the act in order to promote, stimulate and encourage high standards of health and safety so that themselves, their employees, their fellow peers and the members of the public feel safe. Employees must be provided with the appropriate clothing and equipment for their own safety and protection. Additionally, all machinery that is used, if needed, should be of high standards and regularly checked to make sure that it is still suitable for use.
Within a childcare setting, providers must ensure that all the staff receives induction training to help them build their understanding on their roles…
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