Health Science Supplementary Analysis

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At the beginning of everything there is nothing. Starting off with a blank page gives way to a plethora of ideas and opportunities. However, what is that one thing you can write about and think: wow.

This is exactly how I felt when I first read the prompts for McMaster’s Health Science Supplementary Application, back in August. It has been four months since August when I began thinking of ideas. Why did it take me four months to finally sit down and write? The answer is simple: self-control. This Bushido virtue for me is the most difficult to live up to. The Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines self-control as the restrain over oneself. However, to me, self-control is not only the ability to not restrain myself, but actually ensure that I …show more content…

Not only an oxymoron, but also a metaphor for my entire life. My entire life is essentially a blank page, and I need to stop stalling and write something down. I’ve always had trouble expressing my own opinions in the fear that they are different from the “social-norm”. However, throughout the years, I have realized that “social-norms” are only expectations of the majority of the population, and that there are many people with their own valid opinions. Expressing your opinions is what allows you to progress through life, and not being afraid to sometimes defy “social-norms” is an important virtue.

Self-control to me is an oxymoron and a metaphor. At the beginning of everything there is nothing. It is self-control that enables us to ensure that something replaces that …show more content…

The ability to think of an idea that could change the world and implementing it, with no regard to people who see otherwise, is what advances the human race.

With respect to the data provided, I wish to cast my vote for Atacazo, due to it having the highest value for Loki Index. I believe that in order for society to progress, one needs to have the courage to think differently. This ability is what sparks the ideas that lead to life changing inventions and theories.

The Pollyanna Score cannot be completely ignored. Atacazo has the lowest value for Pollyanna Score, and this further influences my choice. Generosity is important, however, if society does not progress, then it is useless. For example, if a permanent solution is not conceived, there is no point in picking up a few pieces of trash in order to stop climate change.

Boyan Slat, founder of The Ocean Cleanup, works on methods of cleaning plastic waste from the oceans. Slat formulates and implements unique ideas, such as using ocean currents to clean ocean waste. Through this, he is able to help the global effort against climate

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