Health Science Unit One Questions

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Review Questions
1. What are diagnostics? How is this related to the health sciences?
Diagnostics is, essentially, figuring out what is wrong with a patient. This is related to the health sciences in that patients do not always know what is ailing them. It is the health care professional’s responsibility to take care of and diagnose the patient.
2. What is trepanation? Why was this used?
Trepanation is the ancient practice of drilling holes into the head in order to relieve cranial pressure. This procedure dates back to as early as 7000 BCE. It was used in an attempt to relieve pressure inside of the skull due to illnesses such as epilepsy, migraines, and the swelling of the brain.
3. Describe three ways that healthcare is
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This is true, to some effect. However, it is not as easy as it may seem to hack into a health care database, as the database is protected by a number of precautions. Unfortunately, there are still some disadvantages to having electronic records. For example, information has the possibility of becoming corrupted or lost, and being hacked is still a possibility no matter how many precautions are taken.
5. What responsibilities do consumers and patients have in the health science field?
Everyone has responsibilities in the health science field. Patients are required to keep up­to­date with their payments, and follow their doctor’s advice and regimen prescribed to them. Health care professionals also must take care to make sure they are not doing malpractice, or neglecting the needs of their
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