Health Self Assessment

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Health Self Assessment

In order to improve one’s health and quality of life, it is important to be aware of an individual’s health status. Our textbook authors, Meeks, Hait & Paige (2009) describe the importance of self-appraisals and health behavior inventories in teaching students about their practices that will impact their health. In order to become an effective teacher who is enthusiastic about health education, the author of this paper focuses on gaining a comprehensive understanding of her health.
After assessing my health through an internet tool available on the Council for Responsible Nutrition wellness campaign webpage, I have reached several conclusions and understanding of my current general health status. The health
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272-74). My exercise score was particularly surprising to me. I am committed to working out however; I fall short of continuing the program. I tend to work out 3-5 times a week for couple months and then I stop for few months because of the life challenges I face. Additionally, I do not have a planned regiment or an exercise program which I believe is the cause of me skipping workouts. Health goal #46 “I Will Follow a Physical Fitness Plan” describes the importance of planning (Meeks, Heit & Paige, 2009, pgs. 275-76). My plan of attack is to set up an exercise workout of 40 minutes, 6 times a week. To ensure success of this strategy: I will work out with my friend Karina on two days out of the week in the morning, walk with my husband on the weekend, and go to the gym in Temecula on my way home from work on two days of the week. My positive trend of stretching before and after workouts is a habit I plan on keeping.
The second factor affecting my overall score is my diet. I am not totally satisfied with my nutritional choices. On most days, I consume two servings of vegetables and one serving of fruits. The amount I consume is significantly less than the recommended 3-5 vegetables
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