Health Service Is Not Free At The Point Of Service

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I have been recently discharged from a hospital in London after an open-heart surgery. My son, a medical doctor, who has come here for my procedure tells me that it would have cost us between 15-50 lakh rupees in Nepal. We did not have to pay anything for the operation, as health service is free in the United Kingdom at the point of service. The National Health System in the UK is funded with taxes and charities.

In all developed countries, health facility is free at the point of service. In western Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, the government pays for health service. The United States, where health insurance covers the cost of treatment, has taken a decisive step towards the single payer system elsewhere with the Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare. Such free treatment at the point of service saves people from financial annihilation and emotional distress.

In countries where medical treatment is not free at the point of service a medical complication destroys individuals and devastates families. Recently, a relative of mine lost all his savings and his home treating his wife who died anyway. Some years ago, a family had to sell their last piece of land in the treatment of one of its members that brought them to the street. Such stories are too numerous to cite.

Those who can afford do so. Those who cannot, try to survive a health disaster in the family through cunning. While I was growing up, I had heard that two senior Nepali officials having

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