Health Services And Health Care

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Population in Jacksonville has increase over the years, but as long as population continues to grow so will the health concerns. The community will need to continue to provide assistance to does in need from health financial services and health education some system like the CHIP has taken place, but more is needed of the city to continue to provide services. With our nation current health law (Obama care), many should financial relief when it comes to health insurance.

The population and races of Jacksonville, FL has increased the entire population is 824,784 which is 11.71% more than it was in 2000. But the population growing within the state average has lower of 17.64%. Jacksonville city population quantity of 939.58 people per square mile is much higher than the state average of density of 81.32 people per square mile. What was also noted the average Duval County education level seems to be the same as the state midpoint and as well as the national midpoint. By reviewing the summary charts for population gender I see the ranks are more Females (423,490) than Men (398,294). As for the income and careers as of 2006-2012 the per capita income of Jacksonville is $25,433 which is about the same as the state average of $26,451 and is lower than the national average of $28,051. Jacksonville median household income is $48,143which has increased by 19.41% since 2000. The median household income growing rate is lower than the stated average of 22% and is less than the national…

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