Health Services Resource Management Assignment

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Health Services Resource Management Assignment 1 Due: 29 August 2016 45 Marks Important: You must show all calculations and explain how you got all your answers. For example, suppose a question asks what the profit will be in a particular month and you put "$50,000". Even if this is correct you will receive no marks if you do not show how you got the answer. There is no need for footnotes or references unless you quote directly from a source. But it is essential that the work is your own. Question 1(15 marks) Items from the Prince Harry Hospital’s balance sheet, revenue and expense (income) statement and cashflow statement for the 2013/14 and 2014/15 financial years (ending 30 June) were accidentally listed in alphabetical order as…show more content…
Prepare balance sheets for these two financial years. Arrange these statements like the balance
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