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Centre Name: East End College of Business and ComputingAnd | Centre no: 10562 | Course title | Unit number and title | BTEC HIGHER NATIONAL HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE: LEVEL-5 | Unit 16: Understanding specific needs in health & social care | Student name Student ID | Assessor name | | Margaret Amankwah | Date issued | Completion date | Submitted on | | | | | | Assignment title | Understanding specific needs in health and social care |

Assignment Overview: Individuals have a wide & diverse range of demands & care needs. The aim of this assignment is to make a better understanding of these demands & needs within the health & social care service system
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A better understanding will pave the way for structuring & ameliorating the system.

Task: 1A (AC 1.1 & 1.2)

Health is mentioned as the normal state of a human’s both mind & physique. Often we refer “health” as sound health meaning the condition of being without sickness, pain and wound. In accordance with The World Health Organization & from a wider point of view health can be defined as the condition of full bodily, psychological & social well-being, not just the nonappearance of illness & disability. (WHO, 1996) With health come the issues of disability, illness & behavior as they are inter-connected. (Finlay, 2002) The word disability means being handicapped to lead a normal life. Disability limits someone’s normal activity & restricts his participation. Illness can be both physical & mental. Illness hinders the proper functioning of a person’s mind or body or both & illness may be detected by observing particular signs. Behavior simply refers the approach someone acts. There are certain standards of behavior based on cultures, norms & other factors & someone’s behavior is judged against those standards & thus behavior is classified into categories like normal, abnormal, challenging & so on

Individuals with special needs need aid from others & these needs arise because of their disabilities, impaired vision, autism, dyslexia, lost limbs, challenging behavior , diseases &
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